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The working class should be involved in designing the economy.

We understand the economy through stories, not just stats.

Too much of economics is focused on mathematical modelling and statistics. While useful and much needed, we argue that these methods don't paint a full picture.

We want to bring out the human aspect of the economy, focusing on those that make it run. The day-to-day lives of our neighbours, friends and family. Positioning their stories front and centre in how we see the world can better help to explain what is really going on.

We are growing fast.

Members from 80 towns and cities around the world.
Followers across social media platforms

Our mission

We dream to have a fairer world with an economy that works for and is determined by the working class. One where class is openly discussed and debated and one whereby the voices of those struggling the most are heard.

To connect working class economists

We are creating a community for working class economists to meet, collaborate and grow.

Inspire the next generation

We will do this by going into schools and communities putting on workshops and forums to discuss what a new economy should look like for them and their families.

Bring out the condifence of the working class

We want to platform those who we do not usually see or hear talking about economics - they know how the economy works better than the economists.

Working with others

We will work with others in the space pushing for a new economy for people and planet. Unless we work together, there is no point in trying to get class on the agenda.

Our team

Níall Glynn
Founder and Leader

Meet the founder

Níall is the founder and leader of The Working Class Economists Group (The WCEG).

He grew up in Leigh and Salford in the typical council estates that are all across the UK. Wanting to see more of the world, he went over to the Queen's University of Belfast for university to carry on his studies where he obtained a BSc and MSc in Economics. It was in Belfast where he realised what he was being taught wasn't recognisable to his life, uprbringing and the people he was meeting in Irish pubs down the Falls Road and raves in abandoned warehouses.

It wasn't until the middle of the pandemic, struggling for work, he went looking for other working class economists. Knowing that there must be others out there with a similar story. This search led to the creation of The WCEG.

As the founder, Níall has grown the group from its initial spark to what the collective is today with over 100 members across 80 cities across the world and connections with various other organisations in the new economy and economics space. Working alongside organisations such as: The Royal Economics Society, Economic Change Unit and Rethinking Economics to name but a few.

He also works as a distinguished freelance economist and researcher across academia and with national and international NGOs, charities and think tanks. Some past and current projects Níall has worked on have been with The Democracy Collaborative, Global Justice Now, The University of Oxford, The University of Manchester, Round Our Way.

Níall is fascinated by everything to do with economic and social networks, industrial policy, economic planning and economic history. Underpinning all this is a desire to bring class back into the conversation and give those at the most struggling ends of society the confidence and knowhow to speak on economics. After all, it is their daily lives and they should be the ones whose voice should be heard. But more importantly, they should be the ones taking control of their own economic livelihoods.

In his spare time he enjoys reading, teaching himself French and Irish (très basique/ an-bhunúsach) and getting lost in record shops finding obscure techno and disco tracks.

We're hiring!

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Join us!

We are an initiative to connect, empower and highlight working-class economists the world over.

What will being a member mean?

Well, anything you like! You can be as little or as much involved as much as you want.

Coming up:
  • A space for members to connect, chat and debate with likeminded individuals from all over the world.
  • A mentoring scheme.
  • Podcast, educational material plus writing and media opportunities.
  • Members only seminars.
  • Plus a lot more!
Who should join?

If you identify yourself as working-class, then you are welcome. We understand that defining class can be a murky and tricky topic to contend with. We feel you know better than anyone else if you are working-class or not so we are happy for people to decide for themselves.

If this is something you are not sure about and you would like to have a chat, drop us a direct message on Twitter (@TheWCEG) or an email on here.
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